Bryter Business LAB
I just hosted my first Business Lab, and I'm so excited to see what people have created and all the excitement for business games to sharpen our skills. 

A Bit More About the Labs...

Bryter Business LABS gives business owners access to experts and skills practice to be more effective in their businesses. EACH TUESDAY we discover new ways to implement our individual projects and bryten our lives. 

We're going for Round 2, next week.  Join us in the LAB or on the BrytenUP Facebook Group.  <3 Both have some graphics we created using CANVA. + Vote for the topics you want to see covered & made to Video.

THIS TUESDAY IN THE LAB - Discover CANVA - Empowered Creativity with DESIGNS & LAYOUTS PERSONALIZED for your business.
- Hands on practice & play to creatively express your brand.
- Expert support for ideas and implementation.
- Leave with a collection of beautiful templates to edit and use.

A sense of discovery and playfulness are encouraged as we build skills together support and engaging experiments. ♥ 

**Classes continue through February** 

Save the Dates! - Upcoming Video Marketing Weekend Fri PM - Sun PM, the 26th-28th of February @ Soma Vida. More details to be posted in the facebook group above.

Many Blessings! ♥