BS With AJ Blooper Reel!
 BS With AJ Blooper Reel!! I Haven't had a lot of time to do my random funny inserts in my videos  like I did in the beginning. But since you haven't had a good laugh at  my expense in a while here is a video completely devoted to my mess ups  while trying to shoot the serious parts of the videos lol. hey guys I haven't had a chance to do a project this week! But I didn't  want to leave you guys hanging! So here it is! The First Ever BS WITH AJ  BLOOPER REEL!!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making all these  videos.  Unfortunately I deleted a lot of my bloopers from the beginning, not  knowing I would someday make a blooper reel for you guys!  So from this  point forward ill try to save at least the best of the bloopers for your  viewing pleasure!  If you enjoy this I'll be sure to make one from time to time to keep you  guys updated on how often I fail at speaking lol. If your new to my channel be sure to like share and subscribe! And be  sure to Click The Bell to get notifications every time I post a new  video! Ill see you next week!!   Facebook -    Patreon-    BS with AJ YouTube Channel -