BSI Ark Server & Upcoming Ark Rewards
Hello there!

Good news everybody. We've set up our Ark server and many of you have already found their way to it. That said. If you're not in there yet? What are you waiting for! 

You can find it under the name: BSI Raganarok or if you have problems please get in contact with MrZong over Discord!

That said we also plan to include some little Ark features for everyone who supports us on a monthly base. These will be little things (because we do not want to give advantages to players for money) but we want to reward those who help us expand our reach. So what can you expect? Tokens to color your dinos, small starter packs and other things which we're going to reveal soon!

As always: Thank you for your support and we'll always be open to questions, feedback and suggestions. 

With much spooky wishes for the upcoming spooky days

Nathan Grimm