BT's next month
Okay, so my Patreon has gotten a significant boost from some new patrons. Thanks guys!   I've been kind of messing with a new rewards/tier system, though I don't have it posted. I know that's bad, I shouldn't do that. I'm afraid to offer stuff I can't deliver though.

Anyway, if you guys donated specifically for Black Tapestries, there's some good news. First of all, there's some pages in the archive here where you can read it.  Unfortunately Patreon doesn't really make it easy to scroll through to find it. But they're there. They've not been posted publicly yet. But all Patrons should have access to them.

I didn't update for July because I've found myself in a terrible rut where I have time to draw BT, but I don't have time to write BT cohesively. So those pages that I made, well, they feel like things are dragging out. And honestly, they are, because I can't just sit down and write things out for the week in advance like I used to.

I am going to try to get you 4 new BT pages in September though!

If we can hit that $800 goal, which I think might end up being the new BT goal, I would have time. I can do commissions on one day a week instead of two. That gives me an extra day per week to dedicate to BT.

I'm also doing the ITS NOT REALLY A RAFFLE HONEST free commission if that $800 goal is met. So a lucky patron will get a commission out of me for that month (Same rules and limitations that apply to all my commissions. It's for a $45 color pic only).

For those of you who are new and waiting on rewards: I usually do them the first month after your donation. So if you donated mid-August, you can email me or send me a PM here about your rewards at the beginning of September. It's a lot easier for me to schedule them then.

Thanks all!