BtV - Blaster Master 

Lost Sunday to doing other things so I spent Monday cleaning and getting this inked!

Part of me is happy that I went from trying to draw a Nerf Jolt and somehow have it still register as something other than a a tiny magic tube to drawing a Doublestrike. A larger part of me regrets that I forgot to look up which of the twin barrels fires first. o.O

See, the Doublestrike has a "Smart Air Restrictor" system. You pop a dart into the gun, it presses on a little peg in an air system a la a trumpet's keys. This lets it direct all the airflow into a single tube to fire a dart at its max pressure. It'll fire a single dart just as hard if it's full up or only has one in it regardless of which tube is loaded.

It's all really neat from a tech point of view but a bit of a pain when drawing one firing. I Think it fires top first but I never picked one up. They're neat and all but I like the bigger Hammershot/Sweet Revenge revolver more. = )

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