BtV - A Few Darts More

And that's a wrap! = D

I Really wanted to add text to Rosa's gun to make it look more like the one it's based on - the Mega Mastodon - but everything I put there just kinda' killed it. I was also VERY Tempted to find a way to put the ear-piercing sound of a fully revved flywheel Nerf gun into this but I stuck with a sound effect instead.

As a person who has watched more than his fair share of mod videos, I still can't figure out why folks don't find a way to deaden the sound a bit. This goes double for when folks add bigger/stronger motors or overvolt the base ones. Imagine having a really powerful RC car and jamming it's motors into a tiny space to fling foam at folks. As fun as it seems, all I can think of is how ever the slightest bit of sound deadening would work wonders.

That and it'd be kinda' funny to see a machine spit foam darts at really high rate of fire that's quiet enough to be all sneaky with. = )

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