BtV - A Fistful of Darts

Points to the folks who get who Biff and Vida are imagining themselves as while they fire little foam darts around. = )

If I'm not mistaken, this is the first time in a Very long time I've actually drawn Biff or Vida full bodied and without tossing them in the shadows and whatnot.

Whenever I draw Vida, I think relatively loose or baggy clothes. Not so much that she'll look like she's swimming in fabric but enough to make sense. Like her collar, I try to make sure things look like someone covered in fur could easily get in and out of them or walk around comfortably without their fur getting all matted up.

Same mentality goes with her wearing sandals and flip-flops. It's enough to count as footwear but not like she's rockin' full-on shoes all the time. I imagine that would get uncomfortable after a while.