BtV - Mail-Order Ears 

The title is not-too-subtle nod to a kid's book I dug in the past and re-read while I wrote this whole story bit. = )

Of all the things I have in my comics - random psudo-science, monsters and demons, obscure pop culture refrences - the one I worry about getting wrong is the stuff that's fairly easy to research and mess up. Stuff like how James and his friends are Furries who like to suit up for stuff.

Why do I worry? Well, that's not my bag. As much as I'd love to make a partial fursuit like James had back in the strip "The Bunforgiven II", getting dressed up at all is my least favorite thing. I love the creations that come from that part of the fandom and I have an incredible amount of respect for both the creators and the folks who rock those awesome outfits. That said, that's not where I'm at in wide world of the whole furry fandom.

Hopefully, I don't make too much of a fool out of myself with my limited knowledge. I'm pretty much writing Lian and Chet like the many energetic cosplay kids I've bumped into over the years. = )