BtV - Night of the Lepus Pt1


And I'm feeling WAY Better than I have in the past few days. Caught a stomach bug which threw inking this off. I mean... I probably could've made a pass at it but I've found being laid up in bed and/or asleep for hours on end doesn't really get work done. Despite my best attempts, I have yet to master the art of inking in my sleep. = P

This was... a bad hand comic. The hands in the first and last panels are... yeah. Couldn't get them to look right no matter what. Couldn't fix them during the inks. Just lettin' them be out there and bad lest I scrap the whole thing for no good reason.

Perfection is the enemy of Being Done. It can help but this was a case where it would've absolutely hindered if I spent any more time trying to fix the problems.

That said... time for a game break. Then it's on to the next strip! = )