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A Buck to the Face - Appaloosa's Most Wanted
The time has come yet again for another rodeo circuit. And this time, Applejack brings home a ribbon of every color INCLUDING blue! Maybe she got into that zen state of mind where one can only truly perform their best once they've cleared their mind and rid themselves of all want. Or maybe she just practiced a bit more. At a certain point, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are going to need to take a switch to the flank for constantly wandering off into dark forests. You'd think after the last two times Apple Bloom ran into a carnivorous monster that she would think twice about jumping back into these situations. But lo and behold! She's still the one coming up with these plans! On an unrelated side note, wouldn't it have been interesting if they showed the rodeo clowns performing their duties? That being distracting the bulls after they've bucked off a rider so the rider doesn't get stomped. Or would we get another "racism" cry from the fandom if the buffalo were involved in that way in the rodeo? Fun Fact: I've got a few irrational phobias. A couple of which are clowns and horses. So seeing a clydesdale dressed as a clown would likely be pretty unpleasant.