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A Buck to the Face - One Bad Apple
My float never made it to the parade. It turns out that the motor I found at the junk yard couldn't carry my weight. I made it up to myself with some funnel cake. This was the closest a kids' show has ever gotten to correctly portraying retaliation. I just wish they didn't try to pass off the Cutie Mark Crusaders as villains for giving a bully a taste of their own medicine. Eliyora's channel: This video was supposed to be uploaded a lot sooner in the day. But the night before this was uploaded, my hard drive stopped working. It had all of the videos that I was going to release this week on it. So now I'm scrambling, putting my project back together from scratch, trying to remake these videos and get them out. I should be back on track now though. I really hope that the hard drive isn't completely fried. There's about two-and-a-half years' worth of stuff on there. But as soon as I know the data is safe, I'm switching to an external SSD so this nonsense doesn't keep happening.
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