Bucky Saves the Day!
This is something I started the other day. It started as just a little exercise because I'm staying to stretch my writing chops again while I work on my own story and comics. I got into writing it and realized twitter wouldn't be the best place to go back and look these all up, so that's why they are here. I have two wonderful friends that truly enjoy Captain America. One (Holly) owns here own comic shop and the second (Jojo) draws her own comics as well. She has done some other things and she was discussing about the whole HydraCap thing and I just told her that I'd love to read a story written by her about the character because I enjoy her work. After an hour or so I realized I wouldn't mind writing characters I love, but it'd be better to read about my favorite characters - so I decided to push myself OUT of my wheelhouse and undertake this challenge. 

I want to write a story for them to enjoy. It'll give me practice, I'll be able to work outside of my comfort zone, and put a spin on characters others know about. I have an end point I'm moving towards. There are beats along the way that I'm trying to hit too. I have a rough idea how many issues it'll be but I don't want to say just yet in case something more amazing happens with this story and i bottle lightning. 

I should also warn you that it pairs Steve Rogers and Bucky in a relationship. Bucky is trying to save his friend that has saved him countless times. I'll give insight to these issues after I finish them, but if you want to stay current and see them as they unfold, follow us on twitter - @samuraiox / Jojo - @jojoseames / and Holly - @holloh

These will be just copy and pasted tweets (with spelling corrected) and sometimes a little bit expanded. I hope you enjoy as I try retconning HydraCap and talking Jojo into drawing it for me :p also the art used is Jojo's too and used with her permission - also support her on Patreon too if you dig her style - patreon.com/jojoseames

Bucky/Cap 1

-I imagine the whole Hydra cap being retconned by it all being a nightmare in Steves head...Bucky finds him wired in...

-similar to a matrix situation and has to go in and save his friend so they can kisses more :)

(Jojo's Tweet about Sam and Bucky going to fight the facists...me slowing everything down) -just Bucky...he doesn't understand the matrix type setup...

-but his arm inherently grabs it and a port opens near his shoulder...to save his friend ;)

-when he connects into his port something happens though. It shorts his arm but he stays connected...and now he's in...

Sam's falcon is notified of what's going on when Bucky's arm gets shorted...so he has to find where they are...and Bucky finds himself in a new terrain

...one where he doesn't recognize anyone or anything...but he knows he's there for a purpose.

-it's a matrix/inception situation and Cap's mind starts attacking Bucky...and Bucky starts to lose control...

meanwhile it cuts to Sam trying to figure out where they are. Contacting people who have seen them recently...

-...and then the star of the hour...Cap shows up and watches from a tower as Bucky fights on..zoom in and Bucky is crying

-the camera stays on Bucky...he keeps hurting people with cruel precision and you can see the pain in his eyes.

-his arm starts sparking and it starts shutting down. He starts taking some hits..and a few more. Out of nowhere-a voice!

-"Bucky!" He whips around in the direction Cap is and takes a huge uppercut and the scene goes dark...

-NO! Surprise uppercut - (into the Page turn) reveals a double page splash of Sam uppercutting someone in the nighttime..

-the next pages open up to Sam picking up Hydra punks and roughing them up asking where his friends were!

-it gets down right brutal when the Hydra agent that is most conscious refuses and only says 'Hail Hydra' which results in a headbutt

-he starts checking to make sure they are all just needing patched up and one mutters '...the underground' and slumps...

-he's receiving a call and it's Tony! ...and he sends it to Voicemail and says 'that's all the screentime you get."...

-as the ambulances show up...he scoffs and says 'Hail Hydra my ass!' And takes off...

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