Bucky Saves the Day (3)
Issue 3: things start getting kicked off! This wouldn't probably be the actual cover, but a variant and Homage to the Original Jurassic Park where the TRex is standing and the banner falls...except it's Devil Dinosaur with the banner for the arcade falling :) couple pretty big fight scenes in this one. A plethora of characters too. Was thinking I may only need these extras for this issue but as I neared the end of Issue 4, it was clear they'd still have some work to do :)

This is something I started the last week. I'll tag the previous posts/issues I put up prior to ensure you haven't missed anything.

I should also warn you that it pairs Steve Rogers and Bucky in a relationship. Bucky is trying to save his friend that has saved him countless times. I'll give insight to these issues after I finish them, but if you want to stay current and see them as they unfold, follow us on twitter - @samuraiox / Jojo - @jojoseames / and Holly - @holloh

These will mostly be copy and pasted tweets (with spelling corrected) and sometimes a little bit expanded. I hope you enjoy as I try retconning HydraCap...

Issue 1 on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/posts/8748550
Issue 2 on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/posts/9055261

Issue 3:
-immediately once you flip open the comic you see the front window glass being shattered by a hydra agent coming through!

-the next panel has Moon girl jumping through after him and a couple agents following her - then you see 'the hammer'

-it flys past moon girl, knocks one of the agents out, and proceeds through the shattered window..then lightning strikes!

-a page turn shows a cut away building scene and you can see everything properly popping off! -moon girl out front-

-Jane near the front using the hammer - SquirrelGirl and Joe jumping over the arcade machine and 'frog splashing' a group

-and Sam and Kamala back to back in the middle of a group of them, Kamala squaring off against the leader though.

-panels run along the bottom showing Moon with one against the building asking 'where are they!' -Jane tossing the hammer

-and Sam punching and yelling 'just give it up and this gets easier for you!' As Sam gets swarmed, Kamala gets hit...

-(page turn) joe leaping over and biting the leaders nose - see him toss him and opening himself up to attacks from SG

-she gets a few good hits and backs up to find Joe while Kamala steps in with a giant right hook! Jane is hit out front

(Being secluded out front and seeing Thor come flying out) -Moon girl doesn't know how things are going inside so she touches her head and says 'time for the backup support'...

-some sfx and the ground shaking...and fucking Devil Dino comes busting into the side wall and flooding the area w/light

-this would be going down on the next page with some Tradd Moore (almost like a Family Circus comic strip showing multiple 'stops' along a path of destruction) inspired layouts showing Dino tearing the place up!

-as Dino goes on a rampage you see Sam's falcon swoop in and to the back room. The next page you see the sfx from Dino...

-as the falcon taps into the virtual reality capsule trying to locate Bucky...he sends a signal to his arm and reboots it..

-cuts back to Bucky laying next to his friend and his arm resetting. You see the sections realigning...cut into virtual..

-Bucky is being held down but his arm starts to spark again and all the bad guys work to hold it down...but to no avail...

-with Bucky's arm operational once more it's able to be tracked, but moreso he can use it on the virtual plane! Cap runs

-bodies are flying all around as Bucky starts thrashing and screaming at Cap asking what he's doing HERE? Tears streaming

-he dispatches all the punks and breaks down and falls to his knees. Seeing Cap run off, he buries his head in his hands

-"Do I not know any other way to save someone?! Is this all I'm ever destined to be?! He continues as we pull away & fade

-it fades and we return to the real world where Cap And Bucky's bodies are, discomfort on Bucky's face as he turns to Cap

-the wire connected has a pulsing light and a faint beep...Bucky wipes his tear in the real world and dives back in...

-we find Bucky in a tunnel and his thoughts come through the narration after he tells Sam's falcon to find them...

-he touches the slimey walls with his human arm.."I've always thought I was no better than slime and no better than this"

-"I've done plenty bad things and don't deserve another shot, but he does. This isn't him. He is in there too..."

-"he was kind enough to believe in me. I'm not bad but I've done bad things...we all have mistakes in our past..."

-"I am my only witness. I'm strong enough to save him because he'd do the same for me..." he nears the end of the tunnel.

-he looks out and shows a determined look on his face. "I'll bring you back...All the good that believes in me still!"

-he touches his star to talk to the Falcon and tells him that he needs to know what HydraCap did here and for weapons...

-we cut back to the falcon and see the the heros rounding up hydra agents and watching them get treated for injuries...

-Sam is telling Kamala where they are and what's going on in the virtual world...then a red sphere levitates down...

-it's the Scarlet Witch and he eyes are lit red as she speaks unlike herself "I cannot allow you to proceed..."

-she starts charging her power and the red sphere around her starts growing and electrocuting a few as it touches them...

-"GET DOWN!" As Riri comes through the hole Devil Dino made tackles the Witch and sedated her! "You guys go, i got this"

-they leave after Riri fills them in on what she has been monitoring in the virtual space and Bucky's talk (end of 3)
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