Bucky Saves the Day! (4)
When I originally started this, it was my intention to retcon all of HydraCap and in doing so undoing someone else's writing and almost making as if what they did never existed. As a creator - that's one of my fears so I can't do that. I did some research and started filling in the blanks of what's been going on. Seeing how that Marvel is doubling their effort on HydraCap with Secret Empire, that's too much to undertake anyways. It would also have to require everyone who reads this story to have followed along with that...so it's time to write my own bits and make the entire story that will be encapsulated inside this story. I'm not here to say someone is a good or bad writer, but this practice is to PROVE that I AM. All I can tell you is that "it's a long road to the top of you wanna Rock and Roll"... (cues AC/DC playing in the background)

This is something I started the last week. I'll tag the previous posts/issues I put up prior to ensure you haven't missed anything.

I should also warn you that it pairs Steve Rogers and Bucky in a relationship. Bucky is trying to save his friend that has saved him countless times. I'll give insight to these issues after I finish them, but if you want to stay current and see them as they unfold, follow us on twitter - @samuraiox / Jojo - @jojoseames / and Holly - @holloh

These will mostly be copy and pasted tweets (with spelling corrected) and sometimes a little bit expanded. I hope you enjoy as I try retconning HydraCap...

Issue 1 on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/posts/8748550
Issue 2 on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/posts/9055261
Issue 3 on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/posts/9247238

Issue 4 Begins with a scene opening on Steve Rogers seeing himself hurt Bucky and can't stop himself...

-Steve Rogers is in a virtual space and seeing himself hurt Bucky and can't stop himself. The controls are broke...

-He throws switches, grabs levers, pushes buttons but he can't stop the destruction he is causing to the one person he cares for most.

-He hangs his head down and wants to collapse, but he watches on with tears streaming...he touches the screen and hopes Bucky is alright...

-"I'm sorry Bucky. This isn't me. I need you to be okay so we can make our way back from this." It zooms out to an overhead shot of the scene

-Cap Picks up Winter Soldier by the vest and He is visibly beaten awfully. Blood all over Bucky's face, clothes, and Cap's knuckles...

-"Wake up, Steve! This isn't you. Tell me how to help!" As Bucky starts to choke Steve responds, "it's too late." And headbutts him...

-A moment froze in time as Steve screams "No" inside the room as he connects with this last brutal action. Winter's star lights up...

[communication reestablished] "Bucky! You can't win! Come back and we can regroup! You're fighting with your arms tied!" Sam exclaims!

-"No. He's in there. I can see it in his eyes! I've got to keep trying" guns materialize in Bucky's hands and he rains bullets on Cap.

-A lot of them connect but as he starts getting hit, Steves body goes ethereal and they start whizzing through him and he approaches again...

-There are lights shining in every section of Bucky's arm that light the whole way down. His arm starts showing a foreign corrosion start...

-As its starting to spread...the lights flicker in the sections it moves across. Steve gets closer, becomes whole, & Bucky catches his punch.

-"Come back! I won't give up on you while I know you're still in there!"...Bucky comes across and catches Steve in the jaw and squares up.

-A fist fight ensues while Sam tries talking Bucky out of it and Bucky tries reaching Cap. Everything starts to glitch & the world disappears

-They are back in the room and Sam is holding the plug pulled from Bucky's arm and panting hard. "You wouldn't listen. He was infecting you."

-Cap is laying there still with his eyes closed and a tears welling in his eyes. Bucky looks at his arm and it looks as though it did inside

-Bucky sits up and cringes as his arm moves. "That's the virus attacking Steve's mind right now. Understanding that will help us save him."

-"Lucky for you, we have a savant with technology and she can help us." Riri shuts a laptop & shows her smiling face cuz the ladies are here!

-Riri looks at the arm and it's the star is starting to corrode. She jams a needle into his arm and the lights intensify along the joints...

-"These nanobots will heal your arm. They are also going to help analyze what the virus..." as sparks start shooting from the injection spot

-She opens up her computer and taps into his arm...the corrosion moves towards the uplink cable as she frantically opens up a new program...

-The computer starts to get eaten and she hits a few more keys and a localized emp pulse shuts down the computer, arm, and the lights...

-...but Steve's table stays lit in the darkness with a faint glow coming from his skin..."how long has he been in?!" Riri asks as scene fades

Next scene-
-Bucky's POV- waking up intermittently while they save his arm

-he gets pieces and info on what Cap has been doing in the virtual space because Sam and Riri are discussing it.

-they also discuss how they are saving the arm by drawing the infection into a new laptop and dropping an emp pulse -Won't work for Cap

-burning a pile of laptops and "sorry Bucky, this should be the last one.." plugs in...and triggers another emp.

-these scenes are intertwined with Cap trying to break free and being held captive in his mind. Other Hydra agents question him...

Next scene-
-It cuts back to them in a large room with the ladies talking about what to do next. Bucky can't risk going in again without full infection..

-...devil Dino and moon girl accept to stand guard. Foster, Kamala, and Squirrel decide to go in and keep Steve's mind occupied...

-...Bucky comes around the corner shirtless and holding his arm, looking like he's been hooked to medical equipment. "No. I'm saving him..."
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