Buffy the Vampire Slayer [eBook] 2018 release
It's the 20th anniversary this year since "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"  hit the USA (and world) by storm. It become a cult hit overnight, and I  was hooked from the age of 6 years old.

So I've decided helped  myself out for a bit and used my graphic design skills to create some  "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" related artwork for a passion project - a  fan-written script.

It's the one and only universe of which I have  always wanted to explore and I continue to think about throughout my  life. It was and is my first love and introduction to the media  industry, specifically where my passion for writing comes from. As well  as that, it is my goal to create something original which is on par with  Buffy in some way or another.

So, I will include some character  cards/ posters for the movie script I'm currently writing as a  continuation from the seventh season of Buffy and the fifth season of  Angel. Just for geek fun...

It will disregard the comic book series (to a certain extent - I'll explain why later)

The main questions I've asked myself:

  • Q: How  will this story convert well into a world that is familiar yet still  maintain the excitmentant and relevance it needs today, as the original  television show world created by Joss Whedon, did?
    • A: Analyse, do research, get to know the characters inside-out (even if you love the show as much as I do) you may miss details i.e. character background and potential future goals after the series finale.
  • Q: Am I really a Joss fan-boy?
    • A:  Yes! All the way (minus "Much to do about Nothing" due to not having  watched the movie and lack the understanding of the Shakespearian  language)
    • Shakespeare is a massive influence of pop-culture and  otherwise, hence why his stories are still seen as relevant and  enjoyable today!
    • Metaphors and exploitation of stories and  characters are what create interesting, storytelling-worthiness. As well  as that, you need to maintain a respectful interpretation of the  original.
  • Q: Would you say you're influenced by William Shakespear?
    • A:  Not particuarly, but I could quite eaily delve into his stories and try  to make sense of the situations. I assume that won't be too difficult  if I put my mind and strength to the test!
  • Q: Other than Joss Whedon's work, what are you inspired by?
    • A: I'm not particularly inspire by many other writers, as I've recently found the style I work most comortable with.
    • There  are many objects and situations that inspire me, but Joss Whedon as  well as Buffy will always be apart of my life and has shaped my future.
    • Credit  where credit is due... This story is definitely due credit and respect  which I why extensive research is needed (and why Fox have embraced the  story in recent months - 20 years of respect is a long time that must be  documented in the age of entertainment)
  • Q: Would a movie structure to Buffy (The TV Series) suit the story?
    • A:  There have been a lot of speculation, predictions as well as the horror  of a reboot movie franchise. I think we need to accept what we have,  and hope (but not too much) that a Buffy movie will exist with an  apropriate storyline that reflects the age of the actors and how that  can be incorporated into the fantasy world we fans know, love and  respect.
    • It can still be relevant today. Keep it alive one last time for a final goodbye.
    • Also,  Buffy became a Vampire Slayer at a young age, but the success of the  show (for too many reasons to mention) led to many personal, positive  outcomes because of its existence.


  • This is a "Fan-made" effort with zero profit or gain, other than to enjoy writing in a world i've always wanted to explore.
  • I hope you're able to enjoy my vision for the character's future in the BuffyVerse!
  • On  a personal level, the comic books are great in the format that they  exist in as it allows much more to be explored. Although, I'm unsure if  this format is best suited for the existing audience of Buffy, hence my  own fan made script which will represent Buffy in the format it was  explored in first, which eventually lead to its success.




I won't distribute any further details, but I hope you'll follow the project via my personal Facebook page.