Bugs n' Black Friday
Well, I think I found where the null pointer was launching its insurgency from... and, it wasn't the resource code. One crash, collected some interesting information for me; my GetDropPosition() function for movement, in some circumstances, returned a -1... and that -1 was being put into a function which requests block information... something that should not really have happened. So, in those circumstances, the pointer was referencing non-existent blocks. 

However, whether this is the null pointer which was causing the majority of the server crashes in the last week or not, remains to be seen. I'm not going to touch the server for the next little while until I get more crash data (or a lack of it) from the live server. So, we shall see.

Black Friday

So, Black Friday got me again. As it does every year. I spent money I didn't have on things I couldn't afford, but... I will consider it a good investment. I bought Substance Designer and Painter 2018, and Marmoset Toolbag 3. It's been a few versions since I updated my Substance things... and generally, I mostly use 3D Coat for textures, but it's always good to keep up on trends.