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This update is a deep dive into the political world of Kaldea, rife with important choices that will have grave consequences through the story. Featuring General Alenai of the Atlathka army with her own scene, as well as a few familiar faces who make their return for the first time in awhile.

This update is the first of two parts, the second being the focus of the next build. Since this part of the main quest, be prepared for a lot lore and dialogue, this is a pretty substantive update.

As usual there is a save named Build16 to begin the new quest directly (travel to the trade district). We updated the walkthrough on


- [Patreon] Alenai scene with 2 animated CG and 2 still shots.

- [Patreon] Main quest part 1.

- [Patreon] 1 collectible to find.

- 1 new soundtrack.

- 10 new animated character sprites: Alenai, Moira, Atlathka Footmen, Bandit Lizard, Bandit Boss, Modular Worker, Kimber, Noble, Worker Speaker, Caroline.

- 4 dialogue portraits: Alenai, Moira, Caroline, Worker Speaker.

- Military camp location.

- Alenai tent location.

- Kaldea Government district location.

- Townhall location.

- Slums Warehouse 2 floors location.

- Outskirts village edge location.

- Moira's home location.

- Save are now jpeg images.

- Old saves are converted to jpeg on game launch.

- Sitting mechanic for a few NPC.

- Screen resolution and Fullscreen mode can be changed in game.

- Removed the unity launcher.

- New wiki:

- New art gallery:

- First game trailer:

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