Build #3 Scrap Survival
-Changed how zombies spawn, farther from base the harder they will be spawning.
-You can go back to your bed/sleep whenever you want, going to the next day each time.
-Large zombies now are effected by the burning Modifier.
-Zombies now spawn much closer to the player.
-Fixed Cooling converter 2x1 not updating current cooling per sec.
-Buffed and worked out better cooling system, now works same as heat by numbers. 60 in cooling will cool down 60 points of heat every sec.
-100 items of every tile, so just have fun and see what works and what does not!
-Added “info cards” when you hover over top of the power buttons.
-Power Cores now each have a max heat they can handle.
-More info in the top left for when you.
-Tiles now have good and bad effects, pick wisely on how you want to build your gun.
-You are required to build a gun before you leave, player can’t shoot without a gun right?
-Change image for firing speed upgrade.
-Added clickable links for patreon and twitter.
-Changed color for HEAT bar under player.
-Ammo clips, need to reload when the clip runs out.
-Reloading press R or use all shots to auto reload.
-Ammo clip extender +2 shots.
-Heat sinks to allow for higher max heat your gun can handle.
-Fixed Modifier keeping effect even after being removed.
-Fixed gun always shooting +2 more damage then it should be.
-Moved player back to “spawn” 
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