Finally hung the shelf in the mud room. 

I made the brackets and bracing all from cheap (crooked) pine from a big box store. I wanted the brackets to match the shape of the separators beneath the bench. It worked well.

I made one very large mistake in this very simple build and I feel like a total idiot because of it. When I cut the brackets I forgot to allow for the 3/4" of the backing board so the brackets were 3/4" too long. I didn't notice until they were attached and I went to put the shelf on. By then the glue was set and the only way to fix it would be to rip it all apart. That wasn't an option at this point so I lined the shelf up with the front of the brackets like it should've been and there is a 3/4" gap between the shelf and the wall. I absolutely hate it and no one will ever care but me but I will forever see that gap and know my blundering mistake. That didn't make the video just because I wasn't shooting video at the moment I discovered it. It would've made for good drama.

There is no VO in this video describing the step by step because it's a shelf and it is very straight forward, for those of you who remember to account for the width of all the pieces. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for watching and for your support.