Building Athlete Work Capacity with David Gil & Natosha Gottlieb

Athlete physical preparedness for the new season is always something coaches need to consider when they get the team to start pre-season - even when there isn't a global pandemic. In this Conversation David Gil, Performance Lab Director at VERT, and Natosha Gottlieb, Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning at Florida State University talk about how coaches can handle this situation. This includes discussions of periodization, physical evaluations, and workload balance.

Below you can get the PDF attachment of the jump figures Davide was showing.

Here is Natosha's YouTube Channel: 

She can be reached at [email protected], and you can use [email protected] to reach David.

This is a good companion conversation to go along with Player Performance Accountability Utilizing Match Data.

To find out more about the series and what's upcoming, go to 

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