Building Chat Rooms ( a short story )
At the end of the day, I want fuzzSpot to be the centralized spot for all of us furs, and part of that is brining people together in every way I can. 

I think the furry fandom is plagued by disorginization in terms of communication. There are countless mediums for doing individual things, like chat servers for IM and image boards for, well images. Theres also dedicated spots for writing.  While all of these are great for the purposes they serve, it means finding repsective content can be difficult.

I plan to change all of this. FuzzSpot, while confusing at first ( as feedback suggests ) is the spot for everything. And with every nightly update, I plan to make it that much better.  Starting with chat rooms. In the update I pushed last night, I introduced slack / discord style rooms. While there are still some bugs to work out, I have great hopes they will be used to their fullest potential. 

I'm incredibly lucky to have the users I already do, and I cannot wait to grow with you. (That rhym took all day to make)