Building Slots Compatibility Project
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Guide is attached

Guide also available in our shared google docs 

Total War: Warhammer - More Building Slots Compatibility Project


The goal of this project is part of a larger project which brings information, resources, and tools in one place so that modders and players alike can work together to create a brand new gaming experience for free. Learn more at

My name is Tony (Zingertits), and I hope this guide and the given tools will help the community create new building slots submods for any mod author that allows it. For those of you who want to create your own version, that’s perfectly okay too :). 

This guide will walk you through the steps to either

  1. Make a new mod with more building slots
  2. Include a current slots version into an existing startpos mod, making it a submod

A guide that achieves the same thing with pictures and more details - Zorander’s How to Change # of Building Slots for Provinces

Links to Steam Workshop - Known working version of Building Slots Mods

Important Reminders - Please Read Everything

Experience assumption - This guide assumes that you have a basic knowledge of how startpos mods are created, how PFM and Assembly Kit work, and how changes in tables impact other tables. Please see our Mod Tools and Resources to brush up, get started, or get updated if you do not feel comfortable.

Consideration - If you plan to make a submod for another author, please get with them beforehand. My work is free for anyone to use, no need for fancy shout outs, it’s really a simple mod and I want to share the love.

Quality Testing - Always test your mod before uploading to Steam Workshop. One of Team Radious core values is quality, and we hope that your version follows the same quality standards. Start a new campaign with only the one mod active for all factions. Mouse over buildings and check that the number of building slots matches your edits - if the game does not cause crash immediately, then I can almost guarantee you were successful.

What is a “Startpos Mod” - A startpos mod is one that edits game values that are used when the game launches or when a player starts a new campaign. These values are permanently saved in your saved games folder located here 

C:\Users\%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Warhammer\save_games

Therefore, no one startpos mod will work with another startpos mod, and startpos mods will only take effect when a new game is started. Loading more than 1 startpos mod may not crash the game, but they will not combine values. Once a game is saved using a startpos mod, you cannot load that saved game without the the startpos without corrupting your save. 

Back-up your saved games - Use folder path from above and copy your saved games to a location of your desire. This is a good idea in many situations

  • Before major patches
  • Before tinkering around with personal mod edits
  • Adding several new mods to your game
  • Removing mods

Do this before testing any startpos mod.

Tools Needed

You’ll need 2 tools to make the changes needed. Find a list of guides and resources in Team Radious Mod Tools and Resources

  • Pack File Manager
    • To edit, add, copy, or delete lines from:
      • “campaign_building_chain_slot_unlocks_count”
    • To set the number of building slots gained per settlement level
  • Total War Assembly Kit Beta
    • To edit number of total building slots a capital can have from:
      • “start_pos_regions”

Step 1 - Assembly Kit - Editing start_pos_regions

Note - If it’s been awhile since you’ve used the Assembly Kit or you want to add building slots in its own pack file, I recommend uninstalling the Assembly Kit, deleting the assembly kit folder in users\current user\appdata\roaming\the creative assembly\. After that, reinstall Assembly Kit - This ensure that you have fresh tables with no lingering old changes.

If you are attempting to add building slots to an existing start pos mod, it will be best to make those changes before making these changes.

  1. Open the Total War Warhammer Assembly Kit
  2. Open Dave from plugins menu
  3. Open table launcher from view menu
  4. Open start_pos_regions table
    1. Filter table by campaign - main_warhammer
    2. Add another filter - by slot_cap - NOT 4
      1. These filter help avoid accidentally making changes to other campaigns and to values that can’t be changed 
      2. Failure to follow these filters can easily lead to crashes
  5. Wood Elf tree has slot_cap of only 1 - Do NOT change this 
  6. Make desired changes to slot_cap column
    1. Limited by what can be shown on screen
    2. Up to 20 for Wood Elves (wef)
    3. Up to 12 for provinces with 4 settlements
    4. Up to whatever can fit on the screen for rest :)
  7. Click Apply in top right after changes
  8. Should be confirmation popup saying changes applied successfully
  9. Close Total War Assembly Kit

Step 2 - BOB - Creating startpos.esf

  1. Open BOB
  2. In middle section (working data), expand campaigns
  3. Check main_warhammer
  4. Check Campaign / Process start pos (main_warhammer)
  5. Click Start in bottom right corner of BOB
  6. Let it do it’s work - Screen will come back and bar at bottom should be solid green
  7. Locate the new start pos file here:
    1. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER\assembly_kit\working_data\campaigns\main_warhammer
    2. You will add this file to a pack file

Step 3 - PFM - Create the mod pack file

Here we will determine how many slots get unlocked each settlement level and, if needed, add or delete building chains from campaign_building_chain_slot_unlocks_count_table.

If you made edits to all existing capitals, it will be easier to use an existing campaign_building_chain_slot_unlocks_count table. We will work on compiling these version over time so they are readily available to you.

  1. Open PFM
  2. Open pack already containing table
    1. File -> Add -> Directory
    2. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER\assembly_kit\working_data\campaigns
  3. In campaign_building_chain_slot_unlocks_count, change values based on how many slots you assigned in start_pos_regions
    1. For 7 to 11 slots - use 2
    2. For 12-16 slots - use 3
    3. For >16 slots - use 4
  4. Save pack file after making changes
  5. Launch it up and start a new game :)

Note: If you made edits that target only a few cities, like my major_faction_capitals version, you will need to add or delete lines from campaign_building_chain_slot_unlocks_count. The important thing to know is that the building chain assigned to start_pos_settlments -> primary_building is what you are looking for.

Broken link? Something missing, outdated, irrelevant, or that you'd like to see? We'd love to hear about it so we can improve. Comment below or on our Feedback and Requests

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