Hi everyone,

Let's start of the week and this Patreon with a bang!

This is a 3D recreation of the iconic Built To Scale minigame (or more accurately, Built To Scale 2) from Rhythm Heaven for the Nintendo DS. The model was developed in Maya, rendered with Mental Ray, and composited in Photoshop. I've always loved Built To Scale; it was the minigame that convinced me to get the full game and I think it's one of the best minigames in the entire Rhythm Heaven series. It's a travesty it wasn't in Megamix.

As my first major Patreon piece, anyone who's a patron will get a high quality, un-watermarked version of this image. I also plan to have the Maya project file available for patrons by the end of the week.

In addition, I'm hoping to make Maya tutorial videos for Patrons explaining the basics of Maya, as well as explaining how you could make a simple piece like this yourself using nothing but Maya's built-in functions.

Until next time, stay Sparktacular!

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