Bulabog Putian National Park

......At the top of the hill there is a fork

where you go to one cave or another. There were vendors selling water,

peanuts, chips, and ice cream.  We got ice cream!  I feel sorry for

whoever carried the cooler full of ice cream up that hill, but I sure am

glad they did. Actually the coolers of bottled water were probably

heavier – but I had my canteen and did not need any water. Oh, my GPS

said we were at 270 meters elevation, but later at the beach it said 70

meters – so I don’t really trust the GPS on my phone. So I do not know

how high we climbed.

We spent most of our time in the

Maestranza cave. It is very large and has lots of natural light coming

in. There were sections going off into the dark but no one in our group

wanted to explore them (except me).  We had some older folks with us,

and a couple kids around 7 years old.  So even climbing up the hill and

down into caves is doable by most able bodied people.  (Your 7 year old

may or may not be up to it… up to you.).......