Bunny Bunnysuit Sale
 Welp, I really wasn't planning on running a sale (especially since I've been under the weather so much lately).  UNFORTUNATELY, though, I have some IRS bills coming up.  Which means I gotta do this bit of money run.

Good news for you, though - BUNNIES!

Sale's really straight forward.
- Any character put into the bunny bunny suit will turn into an anthro/furry bunny (in the style seen above) ... males will be put into a bunny chippendales suit
- bust drawings are $12 base price
- full body drawings are $20 base price
- drawings will be granted priority work status (as in, I'll tackle it first)  -  note, this last bit is a rare occurrence.  
- Sale ends 4/15, as in payments MUST be received before then.

If you're interested, just let me know.


Do you have characters you'd like to see drawn?  Maybe you just want a pin-up?  Or want to make some silly situations?
I'm available for commissions!  -->  http://fav.me/da5v3im

It's also worth noting that I do run a Patreon.  Beyond supporting my artwork, you can become eligible for discounts on future comms.  go check it out here --> http://patreon.com/jonfreeman