Bunny Bunnysuit Adopts

for up-to-date availability listing go here -->  http://fav.me/db4xvei

As mentioned in the Bunny Bunnysuit Sale pic, I'm running this promo to deal with some impending IRS bills.

- While these will have the normal $40 price tag, if they're paid for before 4/15 they will receive priority completion (minimal waiting)

- yay

As usual, there's going to be a staggered release with these ...

- 1st day, Patrons only

- 1st week, everyone can only get 1 adopt

- after that it's free for all

$40 lands you a lady in a Bunny Bunnysuit!  It's amatuer waitress night for a charity drive, and all these ladies have come out to put on these anthro suits.  

You get the subtle mystery surprise of what their human form looks like. OOOOO!

- it's a clean ownership transition, no fuss no muss

- you are free to change the character after purchase.  However, do be aware that I did design these characters with a personality in mind, suboptimal results may occur

- THIS SET IS A LITTLE DIFFERENT - the reward drawing that this normally comes with will actually be of the character in their DAY JOB and HUMAN FORM.  (if you really want to keep them anthro, let me know at time of purchase)

k, all that being said, here's the intros

- Kasumi - Giggly cheerful owner of a pool/bar lounge

- Miliana - Matronly affectionate homemaker

- Peppermint - Pouty dominant teacher

- Angel - Playful energetic golddigger

- Athena - Classy mature sci-fi author

- Alice - Calm soft-spoken administrator

Just let me know if you're interested


I also have plenty more adoptables available.  You can check out the full list here --> http://fav.me/da0jspo

Additionally, if you missed out on an adoptable you wanted, it's worth noting that my Patrons get first dibs on these sets.  It's just one of a whole list of perks, including free art.  You can go check it out here. --> http://patreon.com/jonfreeman