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Buoy Base Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy) feat. Christian Richardson
And we are back! After graduating, moving, and sleeping on the floor 6 nights (If I only could be joking), I have gotten a new cover out with a friend! Long time supporter of the channel and my good buddy Christian teamed up with me for this collaboration, arguably one of my favorite arrangements to date, from one of the best games ever.  Seriously, my Wii broke and my fondest memories are whizzing through space trying to explore every single creatively-designed level this game offered.

We used reamping, very generalized arranging with Reaper, and absolutely went for the best of the space-rock and exciting orchestrated anthem that is Buoy Base Galaxy. You start the level on a mission to save Luigi from this underwater abyss and from there the game gets only more intense. Since I arranged this track, I threw in a few solos, nods to Pink Floyd and similar chill spots, and then just because we threw in a big breakdown towards the end. I do apologize that you won't be seeing a request this week, but having a humongous writer's block and a bit of a burnout from all the requests, this was a well-needed tune to push me back into gears (and don't worry, we have another request or two coming up). I will likely try to go through 1-2 requests and alternate with a song I choose to keep myself going strong!

Oh and you better check out Christian Richardson, the mastermind behind us collaborating, the rocking bass and lead playing in this tune, and a fantastic musician in his own right!