The Burden of Entitlement in your Career
"A great burden was lifted from my shoulders the day I realized that no one owes me anything."  Second only to doubt, the burden of entitlement might be the biggest anchor in your career.  

For a moment think about the energy used to collect and protect something in your current role that you believe you are entitled to.  Could be a promotion, new office, different shift, maybe even a raise.   

The same amount of energy applied to your career or skill development, a side hustle, or even pursuing a new role with a different organization, can have a much bigger payoff.  

Think about how limiting an entitlement can be. While you are focused on collecting on that once promised raise you feel you are entitled to with your current employer, a competitor down the street is willing to pay you that, plus 25% more.   

Only when you eliminate doubt and entitlement in your career can you really soar. 

#WednesdayWisdom quote: Harry Browne 

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