Burning Hot T-Shirt, Music Industry Expo, Band Identity Launch!
I designed a special Burning Hot Events tee to wear while I'm shooting concerts! Front and back design pictures attached!

I wonder if I should add exclusive BHE tees and/or other merch to our rewards?! *lightbulb*

What you also may notice in the background of this pic, is a big foam core board with prints of the first pages of 6 of our concert reviews! What's this for?! A music industry expo by Green Kite Records in Gilbert, AZ (the city Lindsey Stirling is from)! 

Tomorrow, Kataklizmic Design will have a vendor table at the expo, and I will be SPEAKING! The subject will be "The Strength of Character it Takes to Succeed as an Artist". I'll talk about things like struggles, quality vs. novelty, grit, seizing opportunity,  risk, sacrifice, and delegation. It contains a lot of nuggets of wisdom I've gained over the years, and I hope to motivate and inspire the musicians I'll be talking to! I'm the first of 3 speakers, and I think it's a great opener.

The vendor booth will feature brilliant 20x30 posters of my concert photography, the display pictured (I'll get better photos of it's gorgeousness), brochures I designed (with the help of my marketing consultant Sandy) for the official launch of our Band Identity service packages. I also designed a 1.75"x3" banner, magnets, a new business card, and the t-shirt. (These were rush jobs, so not everything was printed fancy by my preferred company, but they look great regardless.)

I found out about the event a week ago, and agreed to do the speech. In ONE WEEK, I designed the prepress proofs and had everything printed, and wrote the speech (yesterday). I have been working every waking hour to prepare, but it's worth the opportunity... this is exactly the audience my services are targeted toward, and who I want to help build a community with.

All of Team Kataklizmic will be there! Debbie (copywriter, music journalist), Emily (music journalist), Samantha (video professional), Jim (portrait photographer), Sandy (marketing consultant), and myself.

We all worked together to make this happen... it's so beautiful and exciting! And we will be covering the event with pretty videos and photos we will share with you!

Sooooo... This is why I haven't had time to edit and post the very first Concertographer Cam™ video, but it IS coming! I certainly didn't expect such a heavy workload immediately upon the last day of my day job... but I'm SO GRATEFUL!

~ Katherine Amy Vega; Owner, Manager, & Media Artist of Burning Hot Events & Kataklizmic Design