Burning Sage... (2017 Has Begun)
For the start of 2016, I completed an animation within 24 hours, so with that beginning I considered to start every #NewYears with an animation starting officially in 2017!! Sage is the topic for this project & I highly suggest every home to burn sage to clean the air of negativity to let the calm and positive vapors settle in. Not only in your home but in your mind. Let nature and positive, natural habits dominate your world. If you acknowledge and recognize something negative is a habit of yours that you know you should kick then respect yourself enough this year to replace it with a positive alternative. I create visual art that moves and also motionless graphics; I am #ThePlug in that realm. It's my higher purpose.

 Animated by: Ian Crawford

*Every month of 2017 there will be projects posted on Patreon and AfroViral*

Music credit:
Artist - AK the Savior
Producer - IGNORVNCE
Song Title - "Higher Purpose"
Mixtape/Album/Project - Blessings In The Gray

"The more i draw the smaller the pencil."
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