Bus stop wisdom
You have a full life with a busy schedule. One morning you get a headache and won't do your recording because the pain has taken you out of your usual chipper, happy-go-lucky disposition.

Healer's Q: Why do you have a headache? What are you trying to avoid? How are you not looking after yourself? And what does this say about your level of inner balance? Is there something coming up to be processed? Do you have stuck energy or past guilt about success and ease to let go of? Are you self sabotaging to stay small? Do you need to take some time out to re-balance your work-life commitments?

Oracle's Q: So what? Really, is it a problem? Tell me why? How do you want to proceed i.e. if it's a problem what do you want to do now; if it's not a problem, what's next?

If this was perfect for your purpose, how would you tell the story? How do you feel when I suggest this might be perfect for your purpose? What do you wish to do with these feelings?


Let's explore.

Can you tell me more about what the problem is exactly? How is it showing up? i.e. what are its symptoms? In other words, how do you know it's a problem?

Now tell me why these things are a problem? e.g. why is being in pain a problem for you? and so on...


Let's explore.

What would it be if it wasn't a problem to fix? What would it be if it wasn't a mystery to solve? How would it feel to know this scenario was already on purpose? What would have to happen/change before this situation felt divinely inspired? et cetera.