The Business Partners
They had been best friends for as long as they could remember. They had been business partners for about 20 minutes–just long enough to buy the outfits.


I, like many artists, have a big ol' hoard of art supplies. In this hoard is a ton of different types of ink--Rapidograph, Pelican, acrylic, India, various colors and so on--that I've squirreled away over the years of doing this making pictures thing. For this piece, I decided I would challenge myself, and use an honest-to-God brush along with Sumi ink. I think this is the only time I did that--by the end I think I'd more or less worked out how to maintain line weight via incremental pressure gradients, but it was STRESSFUL. So I went back to my brush pens/microns and dip pens. 

I want to get my teeth into all of my other inks I haven't touched in awhile, too.... *looks meaningfully at October on her wall calendar*

Sometimes, as I sit and work on the world of BoR now, I think I get so bogged down in the details of trying to make it work from a raw logical/technical/biological viewpoint that I forget why I started drawing these in the first place--because they were fun. And a little bit silly.

I am glad I am going through these again as I work, to help remind me why I enjoyed them (and why folks liked them!) when I first began. That balance of light-hearted silliness and seriousness--along with the balance between derivation from biology and from fantasy--are what made these a delight to make, and I hope you continue to enjoy them!

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