A business in art blog (coming soon)
Hey beautiful patrons!

As you know, I am developing a lifestyle brand based on my artwork. I have been furiously working over the last year to figure out ways to create a sustainable business model from my artwork. Something that stays honest and true to who I am as an artist. I have finally figured something out. It's still developing, but over the next few months I am going to document the growth and development of my art business here on patreon!

Here is where things stand. 

I did the research...and I discovered some amazing companies to partner with for manufacturing super high quality custom designed products. The cool thing is that these companies manufacture everything for me on demand so that I do not need a ton of investment money to launch the business. In fact I have launched this venture with absolutely nothing in the bank account. 

I setup my shop website on a Shopify backend...because it is super user friendly, the customer service is great and it integrates extremely well with all of the social media platforms.

Over the next few months I will talk about which manufacturers I am using, what I have found, the pros and cons of the different services I have discovered. I will also talk about how I have integrated my store with all the various social media platforms. I will go into some product design “best practices”...as well as a whole bunch of other stuff. 

In the next #MyArtBusiness post, I will make a quick video introducing some of these basic ideas.

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Thanks & Stay tuned!