Busker HoF 70 - Brant Matthews Interview

Some performers have pretty modest ambitions when they first start Street Performing and this line from the interview that Al Millar did with Brant Matthews really sums it up nicely -

“See, my dream in busking was to make enough money to buy a Heineken”

Armed with little more than a flaming devil stick, the desire to perform and the need to cover his rent, Brant was more than able to achieve this initial goal. As his performance chops grew, Brant travelled around the world with a show that eventually incorporated his love of skateboarding and his iconic flaming star stunt.

But beyond the fire and the skateboarding stunts, Brant’s constant drive towards personal growth and his keen entrepreneurial spirit have grown opportunities will beyond the busking world. Sure he still gets to the occasional busking event, but there’s way more to this guy that a simple street performer

Al Millar connected with Brant to get his back story, chat about all of the things that have contributed to his success and peel back a few of the layers of this multifaceted entertainer.