Busy busy busy!
Hey everybody! It seems like a slow month but here's what I've been up to: 1. Preparing a playable version of Trigger for the Transgender Day of Visibility in San Jose, this Saturday! http://www.sanjose.com/south-bay-transgender-day-of-visibility-e2227241 2. Planning for the next episodes of First-Person Singular. Things are gonna get more in-depth and also perhaps a little more Bob Ross-like?... 3. Getting published in Best Sex Writing of the Year! Apparently the first run sold out REAL quick, but more copies are on the way. http://www.amazon.com/Best-Sex-Writing-Year-Consent/dp/1627780866 4. Hella coding on Sunshine to get it working in Unity 5 and make it all shiny! Progress video to come. 5. Lots more doctor visits. They still have no idea why I'm so sick or what's up with me. Oi. At least I'm now at a stable functioning level, even though it's lower than where I was at before. 6. More blog posts on trauma recovery are brewing. I haven't written on this in awhile. Ohhh boy do I have some stuff to say now that things have had time to percolate. Next thing on the docket is Amy Plays Legend of Dungeon, now with Rift support. Cute little VR dungeon dioramas and beat-em-up roguelike action! This should be fun. Oh but wait, first I'm appearing at the SF Queer Open Mic tomorrow (Friday) night! I'll post the vid after I get home, as I always do. This is gonna be a good one.