Hey! Hoping all my lovely patrons had a great summer! So what have I been up to? Well we had another successful Black Girls Picnic this time in Brockwell be park and I've told the ones that were inspired to start last year are still going! This makes me very proud as BGP was always about decentering Black women's activism away from London and showing people that to create a space can be as easy as meeting in the park and asking friends to contribute. I'm looking forward to the piece I wrote about Femme Lesbian identity being published in an upcoming anthology on Black British Feminist writing. I've also been travelling around the country a bit, with the band Big Joanie but also as an guest speaker/educator. It was my first time in Sunderland where are spoke about working class Femininity and subcultures! Love visiting "up north" as I always have a great time. I started a new club night called The Shim Sham Club, which is a Queer vintage night! It's women and people of colour centred but all are welcome! I started this with the Nation Trust back in March and went so well people asked me to do it again so the nights will be happening quarterly throughout the year! You can find out more about it here. https://www.facebook.com/TheShimShamClub/ In early August I spent a week living in a caravan as part of a Queer Commune project in Peterborough created by Scottee (who is also on Patreon check them out), as well as creating some physical works I was inspired by visiting the local Afro Caribbean centre there and in future want to explore the Black British experience outside of the usual "urban" narrative. This is probably closer to my own life having moved from London to small town as child. So watch out for that! In between all of this I helped support Rainbow Noir in getting another racist drag act pulled from a Pride event. It's sad that every year we have to keep doing this but I hope Pride organisations and LGBTQ venues will start getting the message that community finds this unacceptable. Yesterday I spoke at another National Trust event presenting a paper called "Reimagining Black Queer Club Histories" and now I am writing this about to go to Dublin for the first time to play a gig! Last, someone suggested I make a pamphlet of my "legendary social media statuses". Lol!! Might be fun! Again thank you for all your support, the donations In use from here go directly into my work so it's great to have this resource. Thank you again! Xx