Busy Week On The Blog
Next week is looking to be fairly busy. Just to keep everyone up to date I've now dropped Sword Oratoria and Alice & Zoroku from my weekly watching. I might pick something up to replace one of those or I might just use the space in my schedule for movie and other reviews. We'll see how it goes.

Because Kado did a recap episode this week, I am posting a movie review of Life given I did have the chance to see that at the cinema a while ago and its been on my mind to write about it.

My top 5 this week will focus on fight scenes (though ones that involve blades, magic and the like will get their own list). Some of my favourite anime and characters made it on the list so this one was great fun to write.

The Feature this week is going to look at Natsume (which is why the picture above). Five and a half seasons and this show is still adorable, sweet, and every bit as interesting (if not more so) as when it began. 

I also have a review of SAO Abridged planned for Wednesday and Rokka - Braves of the Six Flowers planned for Saturday.

Hopefully you drop by the blog and check these out.