Busy Weekend Ahead/Progress
Later today I'll be making the comic BATIM: "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" That a lot of people have been waiting for. 

But that's not all!

This weekend alongside making the comic, I'll be finally getting my costume parts.
For those who don't know I'm going as Bendy, however, I'm making the costume myself.
I'll be making it mostly out of fabric, though there's a full black body costume at party city for cheap. My grandmother is giving me 15$ since for some reason I didn't get last months payment. So I can't use that money for it, so I'll be getting money from my grandmother.

Then I can spend part of the weekend as well making the costume. I have a good idea of how to make it, and not only that, thanks to sewing class I know how to sew it. 

Then I also have to help my mom this weekend and bring things to once upon a child since we don't need the clothes that we have, and if anything we are trying to move anyway. 

So this is going to be a busy weekend. I also hope to finish the costume because I believe around the 26th or so of this month, down town there's an event called "The Hunted Village" where it's just like Halloween practically going around getting candy, I didn't go last year, but if I can finish the costume I'd love to walk around as Bendy blasting Bendy fan-made songs for fun. 

This October is a busy one. 

As for progress, I've been working on my 100th video, Sins and Wins of my comics. It would've also been over looked scenes, but let's just say my adobe barely likes what I'm doing now.
So I figured just sins and wins are fine. 

I'm about 20 minutes in or so and not even halfway done. So this may take some time to finish, a little longer then I thought. I hope to at least finish by next week. 

I knew it would take awhile but yeesh, didn't think that long. I should stop underestimating how long things are going to take hehe. 

So busy busy busy.