Butts are yummy!
Hi there! Hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day! I went back to to the Circle City for break. My twin bro was there, and we basically spent the whole time brainstorming for our comic feature "Twin Dimensional." It will be a comparative memoir comic, where we each draw the same memory from our childhoods without corroborating first, so we can see how differently we remember them. Those will start updating here on fridays when they are done. As for Burger Butts, I was pushing the cinematography with this one. Buns and Art, neither one are good stale, you know. Haha. One of the funniest things to me about doing anthropomorphic characters is the ambiguity of the world which they inhabit. A more or less photo-realistic seagull on a beach populated by food items is nasty, doomed, existence. But don't think to much about it. It's just for the visual gags. I'm not doing Mouse Guard with Burgers here.... ALTHOUGH!!!