BWE Update 10/1/17
We at BWE would like to apologize on the long wait for our September PPV, Fallout.  Due to educational purposes and after school activities, there wasn't a lot of addition time to edit the PPV.  However, the Preshow will be released tonight and the main show following the Preshow during the week.  Then after that BWE should be back posting hopefully once or twice a week.  Make sure to check out my twitch, @DangerBrown2024, for future gameplay of a new promotion NCW and a new 2k18 universe mode.  Make sure to check out the Universal Network on YouTube, @Kaleb Berry, to see his current, on going, promotion known as Demolition Wrestling.  If anyone has any questions just send them to me on Patreon or on twitch.  Thank you all for understanding this message, and enjoy the Preshow of BWE's Fallout!