BWHComics Newsletter - 9/7/2018

Greetings and salutations!

Before I start, I wanted to thank everyone who sent birthday wishes.  Y’all appreciated.

Without any further ado, let’s begin!

Released this Week

CosPain #60: Never to be Seen Again

(Patrons only) CosPain #61: Overpacked

Illustration of the Week

D&D Illustration: “The Monster Hunter”

Upcoming Events

I’m still waiting to hear if my table application has been accepted, but whether or not I get one, I’ll be attending MAGFest 2018 in National Harbor, MD!  This will be my third time attending, and it’s one of my favorite cons.  Hope to see you there!

New Children’s Book Project

I’ve been wanting to make more kid-friendly work for a while.  Not exclusively, of course, I really enjoy my horror and mystery and jokes about boobs.  It does bother me, however, when I see small children and I realize I don’t have any products for them.  There’s nothing more awkward than telling a kid that walked up to my table and picked up one of my minicomics that they can’t read it.

When I attended the Center for Cartoon Studies, one of the projects we did involved making a children’s book dummy.  I really enjoyed it, although I wasn’t happy with what I put together.  I may redo that story at some point, which is about a grandfather and grandson going through an old photo album and discussing life and death.  For now, though, I came up with a fun subject that I plan to pursue: my friend Ian’s cat, Luna.

Let me explain: my dad and I were discussing the subject of writing for kids.  It came up that I have friends with young children, and that there may be a market for making custom children’s books that feature someone’s specific kid.  While that sounds like a hell of a lot of work, it got me thinking of Ian’s three year-old daughter, Piper (okay, almost three.  Happy early birthday, Pint-size!) and what kind of story I would make based on her life.  The answer?  I would write about her cat.

I believe young children’s literature should be in some way educational or inspirational.  Media that does nothing but distract and flash is a wasted opportunity for people at such developmentally impressionable ages.  Luna is an adventurous indoor cat, but every time someone opens the door, she tries to escape into the outside world.  The lesson of the book, therefore, would be to show Piper why she shouldn’t let Luna out, even if she seems to want to go.  Not the deepest of lessons, but a lesson nonetheless, and applicable to any family with small children and indoor pets.

The project is very early in development, but I will let you know as it progresses.


That’s it for now!  Patrons, keep an eye out for my convention wrap-up post, which should be going up in the next few weeks.

Rock on, guys, and never stop drawing.

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