By morning, Room 1 would be vacant again
Tribute to Hitchcock’s masterpiece “Psycho”.  A movie,  I appreciate more, as I learned to observe and understand the nuances that makePsycho a “great”movie verses just being a slasher flick featuring a confused bastard in a wig and his mothers house dress. 

Little nuances, such as the subject of the  Baroque period painting, concealing Normans peephole into Room 1. A damsel being ravaged by two men, a tell at what happens to the women peered at, through the hole. Or the lingerie worn by Janet Leigh’s character “Marion Crane”. 

Before Marion steals the money from her office, we’re treated to long enjoyable views of her in white colored half slip and fantastic bullet bra. After she grabs the money and runs. She wear boner inducing naughty girl, who's gone to the darkside  black lingerie.

Or the nice touch of how Marion last name is a clue to her fate once she meets and dines with Norman in the back office of the motel. The back office is cluttered with Normans favorite hobby, when he's not watching freshly murdered hotties sink into the swamp down the road. Norman enjoys taxidermy and dead birds are his speciality to stuff; and Marions last name, “Crane”. These are just a few of the touches, that make “Physco” worthy of being labeled a great movie.  

Towards the end of the movie, Marions car is pulled from the swamp. As some of those left alive, including the less then capable local Sheriff  watch on, The Sheriff, off handedly remarks “I wonder if they’ll find those three other girls who’ve gone missing in there” as he scans the black water. 

Creating images portraying the three unnamed missing girls and their fate, has always been a idea, I’ve mulled over. Perhaps, we should count lovely Monica  as missing Bates Motel guess number one. Because as you know, Mother would not approve of a tawdry girl who wears french cut panties and silk stockings staying in their motel and tempting her son.

David Noir

PS-Larger file sizes and erotic themes of pinup damsel period await you for a mere five smackers, so what you waiting for?!

David Noir