By Story, or Monthly?
So, I'm starting to have a repeating problem, and I need you guys to help me fix it.

A whole lot of you, particularly people who've signed up in the last two months, seem to be surprised they haven't been charged yet. Or people who were charged for Short Stay worried they weren't charged since then. 

For those still figuring out Patreon, the idea is I can charge you by story or by the month, like you're subscribing to Heidi Cullinan. I didn't do the monthly option because I didn't want to miss a month and feel bad about it, but I also anticipated I'd do more short work. Well, I'm not charging you for anything but the publishable novels, because it feels weird to me to call a 5,000 word thing a paid post because you guys pledge so much.  Also, in my head the published works are the only "real" ones. Everything else is just for fun.

BUT, Patreon has shifted how they do level posts, so I don't know if people who haven't had a pledge processed yet are getting anything but the posts like this to all patrons or everyone in the world. And it's been since March since I charged, and it'll be until June (at the EARLIEST) that I charge again, by my current system. Which means people who joined in April are still waiting to see stuff and they're going to have to wait longer. Unless we change how we do this.

Having done this for half a year now (sheesh! Time flies!), I have a better handle on what I can do, what I want to do, and how I see this space. I do like coming here and chatting you guys up. I do want to do more short stuff. It refuels me rather than drains me, and writing shorts (real ones that don't turn into novels) is good exercise. So I can do it either way, is what I'm saying. I can do it by the month, and you'd get charged your one pledge one time each month. It would never go higher. So if there was a month where you got a letter to a character, a goofy short, a published story and a paperback, you'd only pay that one pledge. But some months would be all the casual stuff. Honestly, all but 3-4 a year would be that, because that's as fast as I write.

I would probably retool the gifts at each level again if we do this, to make it seem fair/equitable. If we did do this, I want it made clear it's okay to lower your pledge. Especially those of you with higher level pledges. It's a whole different thing to commit to 12 installments of a pledge rather than know it will be more like 3-4. I really stress about that, and it's the biggest thing holding me back. (This would still mean you can switch your pledge up and down, so you could raise it to get a paperback same as you do now.)

Knowing you guys, this is how it's going to go down. I'm going to worry about you spending too much, and you'll worry about me trying to write too much.  So let's be real with each other. Take this survey for me, leave comments below, and DM me if you want to chat more.  Or email me ([email protected]). We'll talk this out and figure out the best way forward for us all. Even if that's staying exactly the same.