BYE Rick Moore!
Hey you guys this is the very last of our time with Rick and Sophisticated lady!! I am put the final cuts on SEASON FOURS first episode TODAY:))
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Welcome New Awesome Crew!!

  • Your pledge helps us with all of the day to day fees plus you get:

    Your name on our YouTube !
  • Patron Only Feed Access. (Our Patreon feed is much more personal than the other social media platforms).
  • Access to us real time!
  • Access to one FREE Vimeo Season after a lifetime support of $50

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Thank you for helping us find our way. You are absolutely amazing and the life blood of our quest to bring the beauty of this earth to your living room and inspire the world to follow their dreams !  

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  • This is your Invitation to come and sail with us!
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This is the reward we would personally choose! This is a cool one:

As a reward, you will receive all of the above tiers PLUS:

  • YOUR NAME on our YouTube vids
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  • Unlimited VIP Vimeo Codes for ALL Seasons after 4 pledges!
  • Submit Your Ideas For Our Films and we will do them on YouTube and reference YOU.
  • All the other goodies in the other tiers.
  • Access to our personal phone number and live chats on Whatsapp.
  • A tour of the boat when we are in your port & a beer on us... OR you can drink it :)
  • Sail with us!

True Navigator!
$50 or more per Film

Our top-tier supporters help us bring the most amazing videos from the most desolate and picturesque locations imaginable.  

Thanks to YOU we will be able to go in the most remote locations and capture the most breathtaking footage from the land, sea and air and inspire people all over the world.

As a reward, you will receive all of the above plus:

  • YOUR NAME on our YouTube vids
  • Personal Shoutout on YouTube
  • VIP Access to Vimeo - All Seasons
  • FaceTime, Texts, Questions And personal Calls
  • Our Inreach tracking and contact number when we are sailing in out of service areas
  • Meet ups when we get to your town
  • Tour of the boat
  • Come do a day sail with us and appear in our videos!
$100 or more per Film
Because you are Un-Freaking-Believable! 

My most favourite mythical creature has taken form as YOU! 

all of the above rewards PLUS

What you want baby you got it.. you know the song! We will dedicate a whole film to you on the subject of your choice. I feel like this is just like truth or dare.. BUT Unicorns are pretty cool so we'll trust your idea will be AWESOME!!

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