Well would you look at that! It's a day where everything happens to be dropping at once! This Byf Weekly Update is dropping on the same day that we have content releasing! In addition to this there's also our monthly budget post that's coming to you at some point within the next few hours. It'll be detailing some seriously exciting stuff about where your patron money is being spent. On the cards we have details on a few series as well as over $800 worth of donations going to charity. That's staggering! Amazing! It's another testament to the generosity of this community!

Changing schedules

Something else that's very important to note is that we're changing up the date for the Monthly budget posts. This is due to when Patreon collects money from patrons. This is always on the 1st of the month and by changing the posts date it'll allow us to more accurately allocate funds to the lore content we make on the page. For now this leave a little bit of a gap in the monthly funding at this exact moment. Fear not. I'll explain what's happening to the budget in more depth on the budget post but in short we'll be keeping the same funding amount but i'll be making up the difference (roughly $300-400). Seeing as it's going to charity or lore for the most part I have no qualms with putting my money where my mouth is. Expect another budget in 10 or so days time as a result! It'll be a big one for this! Seeing as a bunch of the projects are already underway I have a feeling that we'll be able to fund some amazing lore content... More about that coming soon! (Check the page goals for a little idea of what's happening!)

Content this week

So coming up literally later today is our first ever piece of funded content. We fell behind the curve here due to E3 and some other stuff we were doing in preparation for 300,000 subscribers but the plan has for the most part remained the same. We'll finish off the content as it comes as quickly as possible! On the video grimoire side of things that means we're finishing up the Rezyll Azzir video grimoire, then we'll be moving onto some other cool cards that reference the Iron Banner and some other parts of the Destiny universe. We may dive into the Warminds or the House of Devils too. This is all to be decided. Let me know in the comments if this is something you want a vote on! Jadeitor will be hard at work on the Next episode of Book of Sorrows. As that develops i'll be posting work in progress images for your enjoyment.

As for Extra lore this week I think I'll be finishing off some of the lore that I was promising from some time ago! That means this week we'll be talking about the Cabal and more specifically the psions within their ranks. We'll follow up with extra lore on topics relating more closely to Rise of Iron following this. Expect them soon!

In the mean time we'll see you with our first official piece of funded content in a few hours but that's all from me for now!

Per Audacia Ad Astra

I'll See You Starside!

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