Greetings all! Byf here! A lot went on behind the scenes this week. We wanted to make sure that a smoother experience was being delivered to you guys so we've worked hard to refine some of the features we use to organise the page. It's mostly behind the scenes stuff as I explained but all you need to know is we've taken some time to iron out the small parts of our process and make things better. The objective is to see that you won't notice a thing. If all this passed by without a word we'd know our job was done corrected. Just thought you should know... we've got you covered on the technical side of this.

Before we jump into it I wanted to once again thank you all for your incredible continued support! We have a lot of new faces here and whilst i'm sure our ranks are bound to keep on growing i'm always excited to see some new faces!

So without any further delay...

Lets get down to business

A small reminder...

For those of you that never got the word i'd like to remind you that we're moving the budget posts to the 1st of the month. This helps us to better co-ordinate our funding with Patreon and ensure that we can get an accurate budget out every time. As a result, expect the next one in about 4 days time. This will mean we get to fund a bit of new content earlier than expected but aside from that I need some input from you guys. 

I need you to...


Yup. You read it correctly! I promised back when we started this page that you guys would have a great deal of autonomy over the funding of this page. When we have excess funding (which this time is looking to be around ~$650) we're going to have times when we give to charity (if it's substantial) and times when we do giveaways (when it's under $100 or so with a few exceptions). Whatever our excess money gets used for is in your hands, and with this excess of money available to us this time I wanted to shed some light on how this will work...

I'll give you 3 suggested charities to pick from. Some will be from within the gaming sphere but others will be much more well rounded, some may be topical for the events occurring at the time. You can also absolutely suggest a charity that you think the money should go to. If by an overwhelming majority we get calls for a certain charity one month i'll happily look into the request and implement it if it's got enough support. Whatever the case i'm looking to make your decision a reality.

So for this first month you can click on the link below to vote for one of the three chosen charities!


But before we go into anything more here's a few words about each of our choices.

Special Effect:

Special Effect is a charity that helps severely disabled children to get the most out of video games. They come up with creative ways to allow children to play the games that they might love, but have been unable to access. This can range from helping children with all kinds of ailments. Lost limbs, nerve damage, meningitis, etc. Their goal is to help children everywhere feel confident and included by games and to allow them to truly enjoy their leisure time.

Water Aid:

 We take clean water for granted. I know I do at least. a morning shower, a cup of tea, a functioning toilet. All of these are considered luxuries in some countries. For some people the daily struggle to find clean water can impact the rest of their lives dramatically. Some people have to walk miles to access any water at all and it may be contaminated. Water Aid's mission is simple. Create clean accessible sources of water for those that need it most ! 

Amnesty International:

To say that Amnesty International is a charity is really to sell them short. Amnesty International is a well known human rights group. They stand up against human rights violations all over the globe and combat a whole host of issues. Torture, sexual assault, the negation of free speech and the denial of women's rights are all issues that have been confronted by Amnesty International. The charity is dedicated to creating a free world that is not bound by fear or repression. 

All three are worthy causes! Vote for which one you think is most important in the poll linked above! Alternatively if you can think of a more worthy cause please don't be afraid to let me know below!

Content this week!

We have a lot of stuff hopefully coming out hopefully. I published an episode of extra lore today on Psions, which completes our first 4 extra lores on the channel. I'll be sure to inform you guys of the topics for upcoming episodes as time goes on but in short expect another one this week. I think we'll be looking into the history of the House of Devils.

If luck holds and all is well this week you'll also see in the budget that some very special stuff is getting funded! I hope you guys are as excited as I am for this. It could well be an amazing thing to see! Legends of Destiny is returning. Not too much to say on it now. Expect a separate post where I introduce the very talented artist in question to you all!

Rank up!

One last thing you'll need to know! I asked some time ago about whether you guys wanted a new $20-$25 tier. The response was unanimously that you did. So we're going to make a few small changes...

Read carefully... I'll only say this once!

SCHOLAR TIER ($50) is being changed to VANGUARD TIER. Your donation amount is unchanged. You guys are now named something a little more fitting.

For those that want to donate $20 you are the NEW SCHOLAR TIER. As an appropriate award for all scholars and higher i'll be posting behind the scenes work in progress images here on the patreon feed so you guys can keep up with the lore as it's made. VANGUARD and ASCENDANT patrons will of course also have access to this benefit.

That's all from me for now guys! Be sure to stick around and see all the new changes as they roll out! 

But in the mean time... 

Per Audacia Ad Astra

I'll See You Starside!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
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