Byf's Monthly Budget - July 2016
Greetings everyone! 

First of all lets clear the air. The updates have been a little sparse as of late. I apologise. It's not my intention to keep you in the dark. I had a rather busy schedule dealing with some YouTube related business. Fun stuff that you'll get to see in a few months. Sadly i'll be reserving the surprise for now.

However one thing I can tell you right now is that we've hired a new artist! Gabe Lopez is a talented artist that contacted us a few months back. His work is great and he's going to be working on Legends of Destiny! 

For those of you that don't know Legends of Destiny was a series designed to tell some of the smaller stories of Destiny. Stories like Saint-14, Taniks, Cayde-6, Holborn, Radegast, Petra and Alak-Hul the Dark Blade. There are so many stories out there that deserve to be told properly and this is how we'll tell them.

We already have other projects underway but at this moment in time this is how we'll be looking to allocate funds this month...

Spending breakdown: 

Total raised this month: $2,207.72 

Lore projects: 

     - $1,500: Set aside for the funding of artist (Gabe Lopez) to create the first episode of a higher quality version of legends of Destiny. This will be broken down partially into spending on art and spending on animations. 


     - $ 707.72: This month we're giving the funding to the charity of your vote. It was an exceptionally close one but Special Effect was the most popular charity by vote and as a result it's where we'll be sending our funding.

You can find more information on our chosen charitable cause here:

On the note of the charitable giving. I realise that there might be a better way of implementing this part of our mission on Patreon. The vote this time was close. 40% of you voted for Special Effect but 36% of you voted for water aid. In the future we may have a better way of doing this. For example 36% of the funding could go where it's voted. 

Just an idea...

In the mean time though guys. I'll catch you all very soon!

Per Audacia Ad Astra

I'll See You Starside!