BZA the Damaga
BZA the damaga, Album Number 3 of 7



  • SeaQuintz
  • Druxbeatz
  • 808th Wonder
  • Sweatson Klank

12 Tracks 36 Mins

1. I Can see the Sun Prod by SeaQuintz

2. Thursday Prod by Def Dee

3.P.O.E.T.R.Y prod 808th Wonder 

4.Independant Woman  Prod KINGS

5. Summertime FT SOL and Dice prod SeaQuintz

6. No Other Option Prod Sweatson Klank

7.Luck Prod SeaQuintz & DRUxBEATS

8.Why Do Bad Things happen to go Good People? Prod  BlitzBeats

9. Letter To The Youth Downtown Music

10. The Great White Buffalo ft AKRomero Prod Downtown music

11. Vacation prod Seaquintz

12. Higher Power  Prod DRUxBEATS