c5 p14 crawls under your door and into the darkness of your room

things are starting to look up, my dear patrons! i've been itching to draw a page since this weekend, and then eve showed me a bunch of amazing new pages for inhibit, and they gave me...The Comics Energy. seriously, they gave me life.

you waited patiently for a month for...butterscotch to finally reveal their human form!!

here are some initial sketches of butterscotch's personface from back in 2016:

i really liked the cubs shirt, so i slightly changed it so that i could slip it into the comic without consequences. appreciate my pun o r e l s e.

shoutout to the patrons that joined us this month! each and every one of you surprised me, especially since march and april is usually a quiet time over here... but things are falling back into place and we should be back on the normal recoil schedule soon. i'll build a buffer before i start tossing page into the public, so enjoy seeing this page, like, probably 3 weeks ahead of everyone else!

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