c64 Game Project In Progress: PRECINCT 20: DEAD STRANGE
Based on a series of short stories under the same title, this "horror" game puts you on the dark, gloomy streets of Precinct 20 -- a place haunted by strange crime.  

- You play a police detective hunting for clues in a series of murders with possibly supernatural causes. 

- You encounter vicious street gangs, wild packs of dogs, sewer rats,  and some mysterious beings that like to lurk in the shadows. 

- You can go from one location to another by selecting different pathways in the game, and return to a location through one of the many exits. (There are 22 different locations.)

- The goal is to collect all the clues (and survive) to get a password  to the ending. Depending on how many clues you collect, you will either  unlock the good ending -- or the bad one!

- The ending is a separate load -- and a mini-game in itself (actually  TWO games, the Good Ending and the Bad Ending, depending on which  password you unlocked in Part 1. )  

Game design and graphics are done by me, with some additional coding by Richard Bayliss (who also composes the in-game music) and Martin Piper (who provided the SEUCK Redux framework).

The game will most likely be published by the "retro game" label Psytronik Software (see psytronik.net). 

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